5 Crucial Considerations for Success in B2B E-commerce


The UK has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe . In 2020, e-commerce revenue amounted to 70 billion GBP – a sharp increase on the year prior – and the UK has the highest share of retail trade done via e-commerce in Europe.  

But to be successful, there are some critical choices you need to make. In this webinar, we look at five of the most important steps for growing a successful e-commerce business:  

• How to create the best sales, marketing and brand experience 

• The role marketplaces play in achieving new (international) customers 

• How to use product data to fuel the best possible product experience 

• How to build your e-commerce to scale  

• Whether to build from scratch or choose the Best-of-Suite approach? 

Rune Ajstrup Skovbo

Sean Fairless

Eric Jan C. van Putten