Maximize the value of your Sitecore Experience platform

June 01, 2021

Are you a digital marketeer working within the Sitecore Experience Platform, and are you sometimes confused about all the tools and possibilities within the platform?

Sitecore is one of the most successful Experience platforms globally, and thousands of companies and organisations use Sitecore today to deliver on their digital marketing.

Our experience shows that many Sitecore customers "get lost" in the wide range of tools and possibilities within the platform and therefore don't get the investment's total value.

In this webinar, we will briefly introduce the applications and guide you to the low hanging fruits that will instantly give you more value from Sitecore Experience.

You will meet our passionate Head of Sitecore, Christian Tilsted, who has been implementing Sitecore solutions for more than 15 years. He will: 

  • Take you through the 25 applications on the Sitecore Launchpad​
  • Show 10 Sitecore tips and tricks for your daily work
  • Share best practice examples from one of Novicell's successful cases from a Global B2B company

This webinar is for digital marketeers working in the Sitecore Experience Platform and anyone who is on the lookout for optimising the ROI for the platform.