Putting the fun back into websites: How To Make Engaging User Journeys

May 11, 2021

Learn about the efforts, behaviours and emotions that impact customers as they navigate your digital channels to make fun and engaging user experiences.

It sounds incredibly complicated, but mostly it’s about empathy. In this webinar, Novicell’s Creative Director, Freddie Green, looks into customer journeys and how companies can easily improve their website – one step at a time – by developing customer journey flows and touchpoints that will increase conversion. 

Based on Google's insight study, ‘Decoding decisions: Making sense of the messy middle’, Freddie will also give his take on the pitfalls of working with customer journeys. In addition, we discuss a number of related issues that can have serious consequences for a company's brand value and ability to innovate.

Do you want to start developing exciting customer journey flows rather than just putting content on the website? Then this webinar is for you!