Review and adapt your digital marketing strategy to stay on top of the game

September 29, 2021

There aren’t many suitable comparisons with the COVID-19 situation that we are currently experiencing, but we want to give you and your business the necessary support and motivation to pull through. That's why we have organised this webinar to share useful tips on how to work with the current situation and ensure you come out on the winning side. 

Think long term and take the time now to be ready when normal conditions resume.

Join Novicell’s Digital Marketing Consultant, Jacob Tibbott, who will share digital marketing strategy tips you can take right now on:

• Rethinking your strategy and tactics
• How to do social media and advertising in challenging times
• Improving your website and working on content 

Spend 45 minutes learning about what you can do with your digital strategy today and grab an opportunity to ask Jacob any questions you might have.

Wednesday 15 April 2020: 11:00–12:00, including Q&A