Sitecore personalisation – how to get started


If you use Sitecore, but haven’t started using the personalisation options, this is the webinar for you! The personalisation solution is one of the most powerful tools in the Sitecore platform and can help you increase user website engagement. 

The moment a person visits your website you get a lot of information, such as the visitor’s location, language, and channel they are visiting from. Furthermore, while they browse the site, they leave more traces: the pages they looked at and specific actions they triggered.

With all this information available about the visitor, why would you show the same content to all users across the site? The possibilities for personalisation are endless and, therefore, companies often find it difficult to get started. 

We will demonstrate the initial steps of the Sitecore solution:

  • Define your audience 
  • Start profiling 
  • Track marketing campaigns 
  • Personalise content 

This webinar is relevant for Sitecore users, Sitecore licence holders, marketers working with Sitecore, and anyone interested in using Sitecore for their business.

Tuesday 26 May 2020: 11:00–11:45, including Q&A

Christian Tilsted

Sitecore Teamlead, Novicell UK

For more than 15 years, Christian has worked with Sitecore and advised companies and organisations in Sitecore solutions. Christian has the ability to explain Sitecore features and capabilities at an eye-level using examples from his former experience.

Christian has worked with a lot of international companies, including L’Oreal, Linak, DEIF, Sun and Strand, and The FA.